What Are They Thinking?

It never ceases to amaze me what people include in their blogs. Today while blog surfing (something I’m doing far too frequently these days) I came across a blog by a seemingly nice lady. She had a section of pictures and in utter horror I discovered a snapshot of her mangled foot. Apparently, she had dropped an axe on her toes — no, I’m not making this up, this woman dropped an axe down on her foot nearly severing the two toes next to her big toe. Did I mention the picture was horrifying?? Big, black stitches across her toes; good grief it’s a wonder she didn’t cut them clean off. So, why (I thought to myself) would she possibly think any of us wish to actually view her vile foot? Oh yeah, her toenails were painted blue which for just a moment made we wonder was she getting enough oxygen, but then I realized it was just silly nail polish; chipped at that. Sweet merciful heavens, I will be more careful in future when viewing blogs with pictures.

I often peruse blogs about food. Even though I’m dieting (or maybe because I’m dieting) I simply must look at and drool over other people’s fondness for various foods, restaurant critiques, and of course recipes. I found a blog touting a recipe for Dark Chocolate Lime Souffle. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in food but this sounded like a terrible combination to me. I can’t imagine why anyone would combine dark chocolate with lime, period. I can imagine dark chocolate covering a Twinkie. Okay, I will simply dream about that one.

Do any of you hit the button in the upper corner next to the Blog Info button that takes you to a random blog? I do alot of random blog surfing and here’s something that puzzles me. Why am I getting blogs in other languages? I already put down that my language preference was English so why does WordPress think I can suddenly read Swahili? I want random blogs, yes. Foreign languages; no thanks. I have enough difficulty deciphering many of the English language blogs…


5 thoughts on “What Are They Thinking?

  1. I have surfed as well and actually run across some really strange blogs. And yes I do get some that are in different languages listed on my dash board page…like you I only speak and read english! Funny what people write and put in for others to read isn’ it???

  2. Yeah – I guess when you randomly surf you take your chances on what you may discover. I’ll keep on taking my chances; I’ve come across so many cool blogs randomly. 😉

  3. Well….I am new to blogging (yeah I’m behind, I know). OK actually I haven’t quite had the nerve to publish mine , but I will….really. I just want to say your blog made me laugh, not at the poor ladies foot, but at your view….how could she? I hope I don’t run into it….ever. Anyway I like your blog, you made me laugh, and I totally relate to your title. THANK YOU!

  4. Hi Sheri – Thanks for stopping by – I’m glad I made you laugh. I’d tell you the name of the foot lady’s blog but it’s simply too gross! Beware of random blog surfing — you may run into her! Come back often and hey – get that blog going. *grins* Linda

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