Home Repair Revisited

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here today with bright sunny skies and a light breeze. The temperature is rather high but the breeze offsets that heat and I’m ecstatic that it is summertime once again.

So what better way to spend a summer day than in pursuit of house repairs of one type or another? Okay, a trip to the pool or a picnic might be better choices but those of us who own their homes must indulge in a bit of maintenance sometimes. I’ve already told you of the ceiling water stain and the effort put forth by Devoted Spouse to fix the leaking wall and outside siding. Well, I’m happy to report you can’t even see that old nasty water stain anymore — it has been sealed and DS spackled the heck out of it. So, while I’m still enjoying blogging in my favorite chair in the living room I’m also sharing the room with a very large ladder and the assorted pots of spackle, pieces of sandpaper and other guy stuff. At least trusty canine companion, EmmaLou, can’t get up on the furniture — that’s where the curtains are laying at the moment. I almost hate to say this…but while the room is in some disorder anyway maybe this is the time to rearrange some furniture…and I truly do want to paint in here.

Seems when one thing goes wrong or breaks, another quickly follows. I was opening one of the doors to the upstairs entertainment center when the glass section of the door promptly fell out. It just missed my toe by a millimeter thankfully. What a surprise — two of the little plastic bracket doohickies had completely broken off and were just waiting for some unsuspecting dork (that would be me) to open the door. Scared the puddin’ outta me I can tell you. That’s one heavy piece of glass. So here we have another home-type repair issue. I told Devoted Spouse of the issue and figured it would be quickly repaired and forgotten. Not so easy. He went to every home place (Lowes, Home Depot, Sears) he could find and no one carried anything remotely resembling these little plastic bracket doohickies. The furniture store where I bought this entertainment center is long out of business and I wasn’t sure they would have cared anyway. Color me happy when I suddenly remembered a wood craft store (called Wood Craft — how clever) which carries supplies and machinery for those who make wood furniture or carve wood. Devoted Spouse and I made a visit there this morning and sure enough they had plenty of those little plastic bracket thingamabobs. Another home repair solved. I’m thinking soon I should be getting my very own tool apron.


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