Thursday Tips and Talking Points

Well, I’m pretty much out of my rain-induced funk. It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do for one’s attitude and overall well-being.

Have you ever stood in line for a horribly long time at Target only to have the lady in front of you decide that yes, she would like to open a Target charge account to save an additional 10% on today’s purchases? Yikes – talk about something that just makes me crazy. That’s even worse than those who take their many-items-over-the-limit cart to the express lane and then have the audacity to also charge their purchases, thus taking up more of my valuable time. I used to love shopping at Target; not so much these days. Like every other retailer, Target is letting some employees go, and making cuts in other areas too. I don’t think the quality of the general merchandise is as nice as it once was. I’ve also noticed the same issue with WalMart — I used to love shopping at their grocery, but lately the produce is not fresh and the prices aren’t that much better than anyone else’s. Today I had such a sad discussion with the lovely young woman who works at my local Target pharmacy. She is a single mother and her Target wages are not high by any stretch of the imagination. Now they have cut her full time hours from 40 a week down to 26. Twenty-six hours of work a week is not going to pay the bills. I feel so bad for her. And I imagine there are thousands more just like her. Life is a bit more difficult these days here in the still-greatest country in the world.

It’s funny how seeing something in print makes it more real. Case in point: I wrote the other day about the water stain on our living room ceiling and how it was worrying me due to the excessive amounts of rain we continue to experience. Not twenty minutes after I posted that, Devoted Spouse comes into the living room, looks up at the ceiling, leaves the living room, and returns shortly with a ladder, spackle, and guy-tools. I still have to seal and paint the ceiling section where the stain is, but the cracks and the peeling paint from the dampness seeping in have all been succesfully patched now. Hmmmm….what else should I post that needs to be done around here?

Did you ever want an egg salad sandwich so bad your mouth just watered, but you didn’t have any hard boiled eggs already chilled in the fridge? Well, here’s a little tip for you. Boil the eggs, rinse them in cold water, gently crack the shells and put them in a bowl of ice cubes. The bowl needs to be large enough that the ice will cover the eggs. Then every few minutes gently roll the eggs in the ice cubes. They get chilled quickly and you can get that egg salad sandwich fixed in no time at all. Devoted Spouse first came up with this idea when he wanted a cold beer and all he could locate was a lukewarm can. He used my ice cube maker bin in the freezer and he kept rolling the can in the ice cubes ever few minutes. Cold beer in no time at all. Just don’t forget you put that can in the ice bin!

Did’ja hear about Obama asking Caroline Kennedy to serve on his “find a Veep” committee? Why? I would think he would want to distance himself from the Kennedy name. Camelot is long in ashes. And I don’t care what anyone remembers, those Kennedy brothers were not the saints they were made out to be. Just ask the family of Mary Jo Kopechne.

That’s it for me today. Off to indulge in yummy egg salad. For the 3 or 4 folks who actually read this blog I hope you have a lovely day!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Tips and Talking Points

  1. I am sure you have a tad more than 3 or 4 or us!! Anyway, you made me hungry and I am on a diet. I would love to have a yummy egg salad sandwich–the chunks swathed in creamy, cold mayonnaise and seasoned with ground pepper and ground salt (fresh that is!)

    I’m so gad I am not the only one disappointed in target and especially hate women like you described wanted the card for 10%. I hope you glared at her just for the heck of it.

    Thanks for once again putting a smile on my face……but next time please don’t mention egg salad!!!
    My best–frank

  2. What a lovely few minutes “listening” to you chat over some minor problems we all experience from time to time. Nothing like sharing! Speaking of egg salad and boiling eggs. I never boil eggs any more. I steam them in my double boiler. No matter how fresh the eggs, the shells come sliding off. Now, you’ve made me hungry for a egg-salad sandwich and I used my last egg this morning in a meatloaf!

  3. Hi Frank – It’s always lovely to have you visit. I’m on a diet, too, you know. I used mostly the egg whites with just a smidgen of the yellows thrown in for good taste, diet mayo (I know, why bother), and only used one piece of whole grain bread. Oh yes and lots of pepper – just a dash of salt and a sprinkle of paprika for glitz! hugs, Linda

  4. Hi Mary – I’m happy you could “meander” with me for awhile! I like your idea of steaming the eggs and will try it that way next time. I always have a problem with hard boiling – I forget to set the timer and sometimes the eggs aren’t quite done. Nothing worse than a soft-boiled egg for a hard-boiled egg recipe! hugs, Linda

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