Rainy Days

It’s a rainy bleak day here in middle America. I’m struggling with this day — I can’t even get dressed. Rain and blechhh weather have that effect on me.

Looking up at the ceiling here in my living room I notice the water stain from earlier bouts with rain. The good news is the stain isn’t getting bigger so Devoted Spouse’s battle outside with the caulk gun must have been successful. The bad news is eventually I have to deal with fixing or covering or whatever you do with a ceiling water stain. I have a sneaking suspicion this will involve a ladder. Ladders and I don’t have a very good relationship. I tend to get all quaky on the second step of a stepladder, let alone a real ladder. I got nervous when Devoted Spouse climbed the ladder outside to caulk the cracks in the siding on the front of our house (said cracks being the reason for aforementioned ceiling water stain). There was no solid safe place to put the ladder; the ground is covered with mulch. Mulch doesn’t lend much stability where a ladder is concerned. So I stayed at ground level holding the ladder until my knuckles turned white while Devoted Spouse climbed up and made the caulking repairs. My holding the bottom of the ladder was more of an emotional anchor. I don’t truly think I could have stopped Devoted Spouse from hitting the bushes if that ladder had moved – but standing there holding onto the ladder for dear life made me feel useful. So now I sit here and look at the leftover stain on the ceiling and wonder what to do about it. Should I have “someone” come in and give me a professional opinion? I think what worries me most is there may be more of a problem — what if caulking didn’t solve the problem? What if there are even bigger issues like mold? What is this going to cost us?

See what I mean about rainy days? They just lead to worry and nonsense. Besides, I should be happy — at least Hillary won’t be the next president. Had she won more delegates, I’d have alot more to worry about than just a ceiling water stain. I’m going to go get dressed and clean a closet or do something productive.

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