Here Comes the Bride

I am approaching the 25th anniversary of the day I said “I Do” to Devoted Spouse. Weddings and brides have been on my mind lately.

We didn’t make a big production of our wedding. We were married in my home; a townhouse I was renting in northern Virginia. Neither one of us were affiliated with any church at the time. Quite by accident I located a preacher to marry us. I was working with a nice young woman who told me her husband was an ordained minister. The wheels in my little mind started squeaking and before I knew it, I had invited she and her pastor husband out to the house to talk with us about our upcoming nuptials. What a nice couple; what a nice man. I can’t imagine the look on my face when he told me this would be the first wedding he performed; he was a prison chaplain! Oh my. I was about to have a jail minister perform my wedding; how was I going to explain to my family this pastor’s background? I hoped they wouldn’t ask.

The day of our wedding was sunny and hot. We only had about 20 or so folks invited so the house wasn’t too crowded and fortunately the air conditioning was working. I came down the stairs and was escorted into the living room area by my father. The preacher was standing up a step in our dining room and it made a nice front-of-the-church-type arrangement for a wedding. The pastor was so young and he looked even more nervous than I. He had his bible opened in one hand and his other hand was shoved deep in his trouser pocket. I kept standing there thinking to myself, “Would you please get your hand out of your pocket?” He was reading the Love passage from 1 Corinthians and he finally had to turn the page of his bible. Out came the hand from the pocket, and bless his heart, his hand was shaking so badly he had difficulty turning the page of his bible. I understood then why that hand had been hidden in the pocket.

Speaking of brides, Fitness magazine recently did a survey and found that 80% of the brides wanted a gown that would hide their belly (hmmm, wonder why?). Many brides wanted a bridal gown that flaunted their cleavage. Wow, when I got married that suggestion would have been met with many frowns at the bridal store. We were supposed to be showing our chaste, virtuous side, not our C-cups. Back to the survey…83% of the brides polled wanted to lose weight before their wedding; some as much as 30 pounds! And, 20% of the brides said they would postpone their wedding if they didn’t reach their goal weight. What a sad commentary on today that a bride would put off her wedding so she can starve off those last few pounds.

I’m glad I got married. It was the right decision and it’s been a wonderful 25 years. We thought about renewing our vows in church. We also considered hitting the wedding chapel at Las Vegas to renew our vows. But what I really want to do is simply stay home and enjoy the hope of our next 25 years together.


2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride

  1. Linda and Devoted Spouse,
    Congratulations!!! What a wonderful milestone. As you may know, my husband and I renewed our vows in the church where we met as teenagers and had a wonderful celebration. It was his idea because of my irrational fear of walking down the aisle was keeping us from enjoying our friends and families. But, I love the memory of being married in a bank vault in Jellico, Tenn. Everyone looks for something to make their wedding unique and special.
    I think that saying, ” I Do” surrounded by money definately is out of the ordinary *smile*
    Many happy years to you and yours….I hope you have a great party whether it is at home or in church…

  2. Hi sweetie — A bank vault?? That does sound interesting. Thanks for the kind wishes. Hugs, Linda

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