Never Leave Your Purse Open on the Living Room Floor

The Golden Destroyer strikes again.

Most meals taken at the kitchen table include not just me and Devoted Spouse, but also EmmaLou, our trusty canine companion. Don’t misunderstand — she doesn’t have her own place setting, but she does park her 80-some pounds right at our feet by the table hoping for a morsel of dropped food to come her way. Occasionally Devoted Spouse will take pity on her and accidentally lose a piece of beef or a nice nugget of chicken. I, on the other hand never feed her at the table. Oh, alright, I sometimes slip her a little bite or three.

Thursday’s evening meal was like any other weekday evening meal; taken at the kitchen table while watching Charles Gibson tell me he hopes I had a good day. About three-quarters of the way through our meal it dawned on me that we were missing one member of the family. EmmaLou had excused herself from the table. Hmmmm. That’s never a good sign. I left a perfectly good piece of meatloaf and started the search. I found her in the living room with a $20 bill in her mouth, chewing vigorously. Another $20 bill was on the floor behind her. In fact, a trail of $20 bills went from EmmaLou to my open purse on the living room floor by my recliner. She had actually put her nose down in my purse and dug around until she found my stash of cash I had earlier taken out of the local ATM. That dog can smell money a mile away and it’s one of her favorite treats.

The good news is the bill she was chewing on came out in about 3 pieces (with 1 small bit completely digested) and I truly believe the Credit Union will take pity on me and replace that $20 bill with another one which isn’t dripping with dog drool. And it may give the nice Credit Union ladies a giggle.

I accept full responsibility for this fiasco. I just never learn that EmmaLou is a treasure hound and it’s my treasure she goes after. Note to self: keep purse zipped!


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