In Over My Head But in a Good Way

These days I seem to be suffering from a disease I call, “Hey, I Can Do That.” This condition can strike at a moment’s notice and applies to many aspects of my daily life. Someone asks a favor and I reply with something like, “Sure, I’ll do that.” I hear about a social function and quickly note outloud to anyone listening, “Sure I can be there.” Or, I see a new design on HGTV and I get this idea in my head, “Hey, I could do that.” Whatever it is, whoever wants it…90% of the time I’m onboard. It’s exhausting.

My latest affliction took several years to manifest itself. It sneaked up on me and got ahold of me like velcro. I tried to unstick it, but someone greater than I has other ideas. I am about to embark on a new academic journey. I am to be a student once again. Apparently, the heart-rending, hair-pulling-out, stress-filled 6 years it took me to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree wasn’t enough; I feel the calling to add to my educational resume with a Master’s degree. Oh boy. I didn’t see this one coming.

When I graduated in 2006, at the ripe age of 50-something; I swore I was done with school. I had proven that I could get a degree on my own – I did it – it’s over – press on. But in my life I have found that when I am definitely done with something, well, I’m not done at all. The past few years I have spent becoming more active in my church, more active in my spiritual life, and this journey apparently is just beginning. You know the old saying, Be Careful What You Wish For? In my case, it’s Be Careful What You Pray For. I have prayed very innocently and somewhat naively to “know more” and I certainly received an answer. If you want to know more, you must learn more. Silly me.

So, not to belabor this posting…I have enrolled at a Seminary and will be working on a graduate program in Theological Studies. Fortunately, most of this program can be done online with a few courses I will have to go to the University to take. I can do this. However, if anyone reading is of the praying persuasion, prayers for me will be appreciated. No, I’m not giving up this silly blog – I can’t function without laughing on a daily basis and will strive to keep sharing silly stuff with you.

That’s it – just felt like sharing this. Tomorrow I’ll try and give ya’ll something a little more humorous.


One thought on “In Over My Head But in a Good Way

  1. Thanks for your message! I hope that you’re studies go great and that it will be yet another time of life change and growth! Glad you stopped by and I guess it makes putting the post up worth it.

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