Is Rogaine Safe for Eyelashes?

I have no answer for the above question.  I actually took that from my dashboard page — it was one of the searches some poor soul made.  Someone actually searched on Rogaine being safe for eyelashes. Now that’s bizarre in itself.  But what really captured my attention was their search brought them to my blog.  Why? Beats me.  I don’t recall ever discussing Rogaine or eyelashes.  Looking at search terms is sometimes a fun pastime. Obviously, I don’t have enough interesting activities in my life; I’m reduced to seeing what other people are searching for on the blogosphere.

Sometimes when I really have odd hours to waste I do a Google search on various words just to see what pops up.  Earlier I Googled the word “wacky” – it led me to this site which shows little-known uses for various products and has a hilarious video.  Check it out here: Wacky   


3 thoughts on “Is Rogaine Safe for Eyelashes?

  1. Linda, Thank You, Thank You. I tell you, I think the mustard on the chest was priceless, especially on the dark skin with his feet in green jello!!

    And I can’t imagine searching for rogaine on your eye brows. Has someones fallen off?

    This post was worth a lot to me!!

  2. You are so welcome, Frank! I laughed until I cried at the silly things they did – I loved the bit on Spam – my dog would eat every stick of furniture I had if it had Spam on it! Hugs, Linda

  3. I am one of the wacky ones! I’m an Esthetician and makeup artist in Los Angeles, enough said. There are so many new, pricey products to grow lashes and brows, rogaine, IF it was safe would be quite cost effective. After years of improper tweezing and waxing, and hormonal changes, lots of women sufffer from loss of lashes. I’m off to bed, or to browse more wacky sites 😉

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