Vacations Are Not Always Restful

I’ve been on vacation about a week or so and while it’s always fun to go somewhere new, it’s nice to get back to your own bed, too. At least here in my bed I’m not usually rousted up in the middle of the night by alarms.

While in Louisville KY attending the NRA Convention last week, we had the good fortune to stay in an enormous very pretty hotel called The Galt House. It sits right at the riverfront and is a conference and convention site as well as a hotel. Our first day there we checked in and got settled, then went out to eat at one of the hotel restaurants. Wow, it’s a good thing I have lots of those little plastic cards because the cheapest steak on the menu that night was $45. Forty-five bucks for one piece of steak – man, that’s some fancy cow. Okay, it was very good steak. But the price just astounded me. But, it’s vacation – who cares what we spend?

After a cocktail (hey, it’s vacation), the overpriced but tasty steak, and some veggies, we waddled back to our room to settle in for the night. We were rather tired from the trip and both Devoted Spouse and I were in sleepy-bye land in no time. Color me surprised when around 1 a.m. an extremely loud alarm started blaring and a voice repeatedly announced “An emergency has been reported; an emergency has been reported; evacuate the building immediately.” I thought I was dreaming of still working back on the Air Force Base and having a bomb alert go off. I groggily got out of bed and nudged Devoted Spouse up and started to panic a bit. I was in my jammies and there was no way I was going to leave this hotel in my jammies. I had to think real quick — what could I scoop up that was valuable to take with me in case the hotel really was on fire and where in the blue blazes were my jeans? I couldn’t find my jeans but I located a pair of white shorts — I was hopping into them and trying to grab my purse and my glasses; by this time Devoted Spouse was calmly ready to leave the premises. I got halfway out the door when I looked down and realized I had my shorts on inside out and backwards. Well, that wouldn’t do – so back in the room I go to put my shorts on correctly. Let’s just say I wasn’t going to win any awards for evacuating the building in a timely manner. Not without my clothes on right. Being only on the third floor, we managed to walk down the stairs and out the building with no problems. I felt so sorry for the folks up on the 23rd floor — that’s alot of stairs to walk down! I was happy I had put some shorts on over my jammies – and I couldn’t believe some of the ladies I saw. One poor soul went out in her nightgown; didn’t even stop for a robe. There were a couple of cute old gals with curlers in their hair. I just smiled. We never found out what the problem was.

Vacations are always so much fun. Come back tomorrow and I’ll share some more vacation stories with you.

2 thoughts on “Vacations Are Not Always Restful

  1. You’re a dear, Mary. It’s nice to know I have at least one devoted reader! *big grin* Linda

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