Technophobia Revisited

One of my favorate online booksellers is Amazon dot com. I have been going there for years and I’m rarely disappointed in any way. They have what I want in stock 99% of the time, the price is good enough to keep me from searching further, and well, I just like to browse their site.

I was surprised the other day as I opened up Amazon to see an announcement of a new techno gadget Amazon is calling Kindle. It’s a wireless reading device and it’s being touted as the gadget to have to read all your books, magazines, newspapers or blogs. Now, ya’ll know that I’ve posted before on me and gadgets — let’s just say I’m not that techno savvy and leave it at that.

But, and it’s a big but…I’m intrigued by this one. I’ve had various PDA’s in my life — all of them were unsatisfactory from the standpoint that they are just too small. They are too small for my aging eyes to read the print comfortably; they are too small for me to navigate the various buttons; and let’s not even discuss the little torture tool you use to “tap” your way into new appointments or what-have-you. But — and again it’s a big but — Kindle at first glance looks to be easier to use and view.

Amazon states there are more than 115,000 books currently available and they only cost $9.99. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I spend much more than that on an average book even with dealer coupons and those cheesy little key-tag thingies we all amass on our keychains now. Plus you can download and read a few chapters for free before you decide to buy any book. Of course, you can do that at a bookstore, too, so that’s not that big a deal. You can also read newspapers on Kindle — I enjoy looking at the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post and it would be nice to be able to read the paper while I’m sitting in a doctor’s office.

The only reason I haven’t bought one of these is the price — $399.00 but Amazon will include free two-day shipping. Still, $399.00 can buy alot of other things I could use — like a tank of gas.


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