300-lb Inmate Suing Jail for More Food

Since I started dieting I prowl the news stories regularly for items food-related. If I can’t eat, I might as well read about eating. That may sound strange but reading about food seems to somewhat satisfy my often gnawing hunger. Naturally, an article about an inmate who is suing an Arkansas prison because he is losing too much weight grabbed my attention.

The inmate claims he is losing a large amount of weight while incarcerated simply because his jailers are not feeding him enough. This man arrived at jail weighing over 400 pounds and after an unspecified amount of time he is down to a svelte 308 pounds. Reading his story, I didn’t know if it was a joke or if this criminal bumpkin actually thought he could find someone in the legal system to take him seriously.

Now, if I’ve done the math right, I calculate that to maintain Bubba’s new 300 pound figure he must consume about 9,000 calories a day. According to the jail records, this poor man is only being provided with an average of 3,000 calories a day, and these from cold meals to boot. No wonder this man is cranky. He’s missing 6,000 calories a day. Let me repeat that — 6,000 calories. That’s the equivalent of 26 glazed donuts or 11 Big Macs or 16 slices of cheese pizza — anyway you look at it, 6,000 calories is alot of additional food. I don’t know much about the Arkansas prison system, but I would imagine increasing this inmate’s food intake by that much would set them back a considerable amount of change. I seriously doubt they are going to triple his rations any time soon. Poor Bubba. His 15 minutes of fame are about over and he’s going to have to resign himself to eating only 3,000 calories a day and probably waste away to about 180 pounds by the time his sentence is over.

I’d truly love to be forced to limit my daily intake of food to 3,000 calories.


6 thoughts on “300-lb Inmate Suing Jail for More Food

  1. Almost sorry I read “imate suing”. I had my taste buds telling me there’s a package of delicious ‘Snickerdoodles’ sitting on the kitchen table and, right now, I’d be munching one of them, but noooooo . . . now common sense and future guilt keeps me here at my computer and your delightful blog.

  2. There was a science show on a few years back, about the time of the Tour de France.

    The professor talking about energy had a huge pile of 32 jelly doughnuts. He said that was the average calorie intake of a Tour de France rider each day.

    It made me want to go buy a bicycle….

  3. Hi Mary – You have Snickerdoodle?? I never thought it was possible to drool more than my trusty canine companion — but I am drooling buckets right now. I’d really like a nice Snickerdoodle. Oh well, I’ll just go get another glass of ice water and graw on a toothpick for awhile… *grins* Linda

  4. Hi Michael – I remember someone once telling me that in order to work off the calories from one M&M you have to walk a football field and back. It certainly seems worth the jaunt to me. Thanks for visiting. Linda

  5. If this guy will do the jail house work out…you know, where they lift weights while they are in “yard” or do sit ups in the cell, he will have a great body after doing time…who can say that! LOL.

  6. Hi Shadowlands – your comment reminds me of another pet peeve – giving inmates access to higher educational degrees — I’m looking into a Masters program and if I was incarcerated it sure would be alot cheaper to go back to school! *grins* Linda

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