It’s All About the Discount

Yesterday I received my first Senior Citizen discount at a local department store – and was I ever surprised! I thought one had to be a few years older than I to get these great discounts, but apparently there are different rules for different places. All I know is I’ll be doing more shopping on Wednesdays at this particular store.

It’s funny how our opinions and our perspectives on life change as we age. About 10 years ago I received an offer of a magazine subscription at a Senior Citizen Discount rate and I was highly offended. I was also getting mail from AARP, but I attributed that to the fact my husband was retired; anyone in their right mind could tell I was certainly far too young to be considered for AARP!

These days I’m excited about being retired and I’m looking forward to some excellent years ahead of me. I finally truly understand what the phrase “fixed income” means. Now that my discretionary income has lessened somewhat it’s important to find sales and discounts. In this area, various stores hold Senior Citizen days at least one day a month. My assignment now is to discover who is selling what at a discount and when. Sounds like fun to me! I’m a Senior Citizen! How cool is that?


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