Ornamental Testicles May Be Banned in Florida

One of the perks of being retired is free time.  I like to use some of mine to peruse headlines and news stories around the world.  Being a news junkie allows me to store up little tidbits of interesting information that I can pass along to others during social occasions.  Nothing makes me happier than a stimulating conversation on current events.  However, I never thought I would see the words ‘ornamental’ and ‘testicles’ used together in the same sentence.  Of course, my curiosity was piqued and I simply had to read the story.

According to an Associated Press report there are folks in Florida who proudly display dangling metal replicas of bull testicles as bumper ornaments.  Apparently some people find this a tad bit objectionable.  This has led to the introduction in the Florida legislation of a bill which would require any driver displaying said bull-baubles to be given a $60 fine.  Living in the land of the free and the brave doesn’t necessarily allow one the right to decorate one’s trailer hitch with something which may be deemed obscene and could possibly cause any number of traffic accidents as little old ladies run into the backs of these ball-dangling vehicles while trying to identify what the heck that thing is hanging off the back of Bubba’s pickup.

The story sites a similar bill the Virginia legislature tried to pass concerning the same type of dangling accessory on trailer hitches, only this time it was rubber not metal.  The bill died in commitee.  Apparently Virginia congressmen and senators found something else more important to debate.

I will sleep better tonight knowing our taxes are at work saving citizens from the sight of fake balls — then again if Congress had more real balls…

4 thoughts on “Ornamental Testicles May Be Banned in Florida

  1. The post was hilarious, but I think that the “Possible related posts….” thingy was really challenged to come up with something even half way related..LOL…

    The things our lawmakers have to pass…????

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how tacky people are. I actually saw one of the rubber ornaments hanging off the back of a pickup and it was just bizarre looking. Definitely accident-causing material. I’ve decided I don’t like the “possible related posts” – I can’t see it from my own site and I don’t trust them so I’ve turned off that feature.
    Cheers, Linda

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