Company’s Coming!

Oh boy – we have company arriving this evening from Devoted Spouse’s home state of West Virginia.  Several of his childhood friends and their significant others are meeting up at our house this weekend to eat, drink, and be merry.  And I’m already exhausted simply preparing for the visit.

Have you ever noticed how much money it costs to have someone come visit?  It’s very expensive these days.  Devoted Spouse was confused by this until I explained using Linda Logic.  Guests don’t want to use old towels and washcloths, so I had to make a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen these nice fellas, and I’ve never met their significant others, so off to the grocery I went to stock up on healthy food, not-so-healthy food, beer, wine, sodas, and other goodies.  I had to have a heart-to-heart discussion with current Lawn Slash Landscape Person as the yard was looking like a jungle and I want our company to drive up to a nicely-kept home.  Cha-ching — more money.  Then there was the trip to all the patio furniture stores within a 50-mile radius to find a replacement for the rusted deck furniture and the table umbrella that had literally rusted shut over the winter (note to Devoted Spouse: this coming winter let’s remember to store the deck furniture in the shed.)  Then, Devoted Spouse and Trusty Canine Companion had to assemble new deck furniture (with a little help from me; okay, I made lunch and EmmaLou helped by eating the assembly instructions).  Oh yeah, I also picked up some new threads for Devoted Spouse so he looks extra nice.  Goodness, I didn’t know hosting was going to be so expensive.

I hope they take us out to eat at least once so I can recoup some of my investment.  D’ya think a tip jar might be going too far?

2 thoughts on “Company’s Coming!

  1. You can try it…but they may not come back *smile*…it is costly, food, more utility useage, and then there is the stress of house cleaning…
    It is always good to see them come and to see them go…Have a great time…I know they will.

  2. I’m hoping when they read this blog they know I was only kidding — we had such a wonderful time visiting with these folks – we ate, and we laughed and they told stories of when the fellas all used to hang out together in the good old days — I love hearing stories about Devoted Spouse — and I got to meet and two delightful ladies that I hope we get to see again real soon!

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