Trash Day

Yippee skippy – Devoted Spouse has returned and all is right with the world.  In celebration, the whole family unit – Devoted Spouse, yours truly, and Trusty Canine Companion EmmaLou took off for an early morning jaunt around the neighborhood.  Now, I’m not normally an early morning person.  In fact, this past week while Devoted Spouse has been away, Emma had a devil of a time convincing me to get out of bed and take her for her morning hunt for pee-mail. (Okay, I admit I only took her on two stupid walks, there it’s out.  But we did play alot of chase-the-tennis-ball in the back yard.)  Part of the problem walking EmmaLou is the pee-mail issue; she has to stop and inspect every blade of grass, each fire hydrant, tree, and especially on Friday mornings – people’s trash.  We never really walk on these journeys; I walk, abruptly halt, then forcefully drag EmmaLou away from whatever treasure she is inspecting.  “C’mon Emma, let’s go…c’mon, c’mon, EMMA!”  That’s all the neighbors hear for several blocks as I take a few steps, drag Emma, take a few steps, drag Emma…well, you get the idea.

This morning was not much different, except for the fact all of us went on the walk.  Usually just Devoted Spouse and Emma go. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s usually waaaaay too early for me to be up and moving.  But, this morning we waited until about 6:30 in the morning; a not altogether too early time to embark on a walk.  I could actually see where I was walking; another reason I don’t usually join them on their walks – I don’t like not being able to see where I’m going.  I mean, you could walk into something or someone and that makes me uncomfortable.  I like to see my surroundings.  Anyway…

What I noticed this morning was trash.  I imagine most folks don’t pay much attention to trash – it’s just something we put out on Friday mornings around here.  Trash usually consists of one large plastic-type container which the trucks pick up using some type of hydraulic contraption that makes an ungodly amount of noise (and by the way what’s with the squealing brakes on those trucks — I think they do that on purpose),  and a small green or red plastic bin for recyclables.   Pretty standard, not too interesting.  But today about a block away from home Devoted Spouse and I both noticed something unusual — a house with not one, not two, but THREE of the big plastic trash containers — THREE.  What the heck are they consuming in that house that they need three trash containers a week?  Are several families of illegal immigrants camping out in the house?  Did the family have quadruplets and the containers are full of disposable diapers?  Did Great Aunt Ethel kick the bucket and there’s no cemetary plot?   Talk about a big carbon footprint. 

Now my curiosity is up.  I want to know what is going on at that house.  That means I have to get up next Friday and see if they put out the same amount of trash.  Maybe next week I’ll go sneak a peek inside the containers.  Or maybe not.  Some things are better left unknown.  I think trash may be one of them.



One thought on “Trash Day

  1. Kinda like what blogging is all about, or should be: getting to know one another. Smiled as you shared part of your morning with me. Mary from Meander With Me. Would like to know what you think of what I shared with fellow-bloggers for today’s blog.

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