Diet, Shmiet – I’m Hungry!

Devoted Spouse left last Thursday for a week and is coming home today.  The trusty canine companion, my refrigerator door, the car, and my checkbook all thank him.  It has been a week of nonstop running to the store for food.  Why is it when you diet you get hungrier for things — is it because you are trying to stay away from the bad stuff?  I can be fairly strong when it comes to being out in a group at a restaurant.  I’ll pass up dessert every time.  And, I won’t finish all that is on my plate, nor will I scarf down roll after roll.  But the minute I’m by myself with no one watching I go whole-hog into the snacks and junk food.  I have made numerous trips to the grocery store and while I didn’t buy much that was unhealthy, I did indulge.  One day it was ice cream; another day it was cookies.  Even though when I got these things home, I sampled a little bit and then threw the rest away.  I guess that’s progress because this time last year I would have completely caved in and eaten non-stop. Losing 30 pounds has at least shown me that I can eat a little and discard the rest. But I sure would like to conquer this food obsession.   My crazy obsession with food this week is driving EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer insane — she watches me open a box of cookies, take out a handful, close the box and throw it in the trash with a look on her dog face that says, “Hey, hey, down here, throw the cookies down here not in that plastic container.” 

Tonight I simply had to have Thai food.  Honestly, I’ve thought about it all day.  I tried to talk myself into a nice healthful, low calorie, low carb dinner, but I ordered Pad Thai and Crab Rangoon.  Good grief.  Even as I write this blog entry I’m seriously considering making a run to the store for some chocolate.  Chocolate sounds very yummy now.  Maybe I’ll just take a quick pull off the Hershey’s chocolate syrup. 

I’m putting duct tape over my mouth…I’m going to throw my car keys in the toilet…and I don’t care if it is only 8:30, I’m going to bed.   I’ll just grab a couple of granola bars on my way upstairs…


3 thoughts on “Diet, Shmiet – I’m Hungry!

  1. Oh dear, you sound like me!! Since September I have been trying to lose weight. I think trying is a very strange word…..mentally I say that but somehow it doesn’t even dust off or get to hunger! But take it from an old fatty, try to pull in the reigns now while you have time. When you get older it will be even worse.

    I came to you through “Walking in the Valley’s” blogroll. I will return to read more.

    Yes Duct Tape works but it hurts when you pull it off!! Maybe buy some of the liquid you use on nails for fungus……if you get your hand near your mouth you will put down what you have in them. It has a hately taste…… does but I don’t think you should do this!!

  2. Hi Frank – So nice of you to drop by and I’m glad you will be coming back to visit! Dieting is the bane of my existence — I make progress and then I backslide — it’s so difficult staying on track. While working on EmmaLou’s nasty furniture chewing habit, I actually tried a taste of Bitter Apple – she loved it and I thought I would die from that horrid taste! Oh well. Maybe I should be more like her and just gnaw the furniture when I get too hungry… *grins* Linda

  3. Linda Thanks for your visit Yes, getting older is the pits and as I watch my mother struggle to live and enjoy makes me worry more of my old age if I will be alone. Its bad enough I have to worry about my weight. Now I think on my years coming and want to protect me from disaster. You have experienced much already and I hope you will be able to enjoy the “golden” dusk as you want.

    But please–don’t gnaw the furniture–not tasty at all!! My best Linda–Frank

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