Rattled and Addle-Pated

That’s me today; rattled and addle-pated.  I took Devoted Spouse to the airport this morning and I’ve been acting strangely ever since he left.  That’s usually the case when he’s gone.  Without him as back-up, I tend to lose things more frequently than usual, lock myself out of houses and cars, and experience other somewhat frightening and thoroughly stupid occurrences.

I wasn’t five miles from the airport this morning when I took the wrong exit coming home.  Good grief, that was not fun – I ended up going through downtown and the road was covered with those people who were trying to get to work with a vengeance.  You know the ones; drive like bats out of Hades while talking on a cell phone and eating a bagel; and there’s a cigarette in the other hand.  By the time I got close to my home, I was just a bit frazzled to put it mildly.  The cure for a case of frazzles?  Shopping.  Off to Target I went.

My Target episode was fun – $200 worth of crap items I had to have for the house — new area rugs, new chair cushions, that kind of thing.  I had quite the cart load.  I paid for everything and started to walk out of the store leaving my full cart at the check-out — the clerk hollered at me and I realized what a dufus I was.  I was mentally someplace entirely different than Target.  Beats me where the heck that was.  Rattled and addle-pated.

I was almost home and realized I needed some gas in the car so I stopped at the local combination grocery and gas station.  No problem with the gas thankfully.  Decided to run into the grocery and pick up a few quick items.  As I was perusing the dairy section, a rather large container of plain yogurt slipped out of my hands and made it’s way in slow motion to the floor where it made a noise much like “splot” and also made quite a mess.  Clean-up on Aisle 7.  Rattled and addle-pated.

Made the trip home with the groceries, minus the yogurt.  Forgot that today was Cleaning Lady day which means EmmaLou was in the basement anxiously awaiting my return to spring her from the dungeon.  No problem.  Dog upstairs, groceries put away.  “EmmaLou, let’s go outside for awhile; it’s a pretty day.”  Off we go to the back yard.  OMG the back gate is open — and there goes EmmaLou like greased lightning.  Whereupon, I run back inside, grab my car keys, run back out to the driveway and start calling the dog at a decibel level that should make her ears bleed…”Emma, Emma, wanna go for a ride in the car”? I yelled.  Just as fast as she disappeared around the fence, there she was again demanding access to the back seat of the car.  So, of course we had to go for a ride.  Neighbor went inside her house to note in her diary that, yes, in fact, there is a nutcase living next door.  Crisis narrowly averted.   Rattled and addle-pated.

Devoted Spouse will be back next week; I hope I make it till then…


4 thoughts on “Rattled and Addle-Pated

  1. Dear Rattled and addle-paded, may I be the first to comment and to thank you for a delightful insight into your state of mind when hubby is off elsewhere.
    I’ll be back for another visit soon.

  2. Hi Mary – Yes, it’s dangerous to be me right now, let’s hope I remember to feed trusty canine companion…*grins* from R&A-P

  3. I don’t think that you are Rattled and Addle-Pated. I think your other half is missing and it is the one that you need and miss the most…*Hugs* for comfort to you while DS is away…

  4. Thank you sweetie – I’m just going to stay indoors today and pine. At least until the stores open… Right back atcha with the hugs! Linda

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