I Know It’s Here Somewhere

A place for everything and everything in it’s place.  My grandmother said that so many times when I was a child that I wanted to throttle her.  But, she was right in her belief that every item you own should have a designated spot.  In my house when things disappear, I know I have put them “Somewhere.” 

It started in our current home when I misplaced the binoculars.  I was using them to watch birds out in the backyard or maybe spy on the neighbors; I don’t exactly recall.  I set them down Somewhere and I never saw them again.  Devoted Spouse bought me a replacement a few months ago.  

Devoted Spouse misplaced his relatively new and very expensive digital camera.  He is sure he put it Somewhere.  I let him use my digital camera– the very expensive fancy model he bought for me Christmas a year ago.  The very same camera I used on our last trip to the cabin where I took that lovely picture I use on the blog header.  Then I put the camera Somewhere and haven’t seen it since.  I found it’s charger and user’s manual upstairs in my crap craft room.

Today my new not so expensive but very cool digital camera arrived.  I’m very excited – I have the battery charging and I can’t wait to take some cute shots of EmmaLou that I can post to this blog.  I’m sure everyone wants to see her.  But first I have to find the user’s manual and figure out how to take pictures.  It was in the box when I opened it; I had it in my hand when I went upstairs to change my shoes.  I wonder what I did with it?  It must be Somewhere.  Do you see a pattern here?

“Somewhere “applies to everything I have casually laid down on any particular surface in my house.  It would be nice if Somewhere was a particular room in my home where I could always find what I was missing.  I think Somewhere is in another dimension.  Wherever Somewhere is, it is loaded with all kinds of stuff from my house.  Last month’s wireless bill went Somewhere.  My brand new tweezers — I put them Somewhere.  Even EmmaLou leaves toys Somewhere; although, for her Somewhere is often under the couch.   I can’t find my Somewhere.  But when I do, look out, it will be like Christmas all over again.


4 thoughts on “I Know It’s Here Somewhere

  1. Don’t worry, as you get older, it will get even worse! Hhahahahahaha. We always say that nothing is lost in our house … It is always in the “last place” we look.

    Nice post. Enjoyed it.

    Don Smith

  2. Hi Don – Thanks for stopping by. Now if I could just find my “last place”… *grins* Linda

  3. Somewhere is a common destination at our home as well. My famous quote is that I never loose anything, I just misplaced it and it will “turn up”.
    My hubby hates that phrase because it boils down to, “It is lost under stuff and I will find it when I get around to straightening things up.”
    I thought living in a small house would help with this, but it hasn’t, in fact, I think that it is worse. Now, the phrase is, “I don’t know, I haven’t see it since we moved. It is probably still in a box in the shed.” That is much worse than the other phrase…Hope your “Christmas” comes with all of your favorite things….*smile*

  4. Devoted Spouse feels the same way as your hubby. If I’d clean up the clutter, I’d find everything. Whatever…This morning I lost an itinerary for an upcoming Devoted Spouse trip. I had it in my hand and then I put it Somewhere. He had to print out another one for me. Then I went out to run an errand and when I returned there was a sticky note on the cabinet from Devoted Spouse directing me to look at the refrigerator. Apparently, I had tacked up his itinerary on the door and then forgot to look there! I give up! *big grin* Linda

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