Take That, Martha Stewart

With the arrival of Spring comes an overwhelming desire to re-decorate my home.  Opening the windows to let the fresh air in showed me just how dingy the walls have become.  It’s time to brighten up my living room with some new colors.  And if I’m going to paint, I might as well get new carpet, and heck let’s toss the old couch and love seat and pick out some new furniture.  Hmmm…I just went from a $30 bucket of paint to several thousand dollars worth of stuff.  I don’t think Devoted Spouse is gonna like this new idea of mine.

I’m not a professional decorator, but I watch HGTV.  How hard can it be?  I  want to walk into my living room and have it look like something out of Architectural Digest but on a KMart budget.  I want a Candace Olsen design with a Trading Spaces crew.  Throw in a couple of those cute carpenters…yeah, I need some bookcases in my living room.  I want to use all my favorite colors, patterns, flowers, stripes, and pull together a sophisticated yet comfortable room in a day or two.   Ack-ack.  I am so in over my head.

Then an email arrived about a sale at my local Sherwin-Williams store.  As a Sherwin-Williams preferred customer (that’s where we got the paint for the recent bathroom re-do), I have access to a new design tool; online painting.  It’s my new favorite toy – you can see what paint colors will look like not only on your living room or bedroom walls, but also the exterior of your home.  How cool is that?  Right now I’m looking at my living room with one wall in a color called Sundance and the other wall in a green shade known as Restful.  No, wait, how about Plummy and Tupelo Tree, nope, let’s try Java and Daffodil — ooh I like that combination. 

The furniture and carpeting may take awhile — I’m having way too much fun virtually painting.  Here’s the link – try it yourself and let your imagination go wild on those walls.



5 thoughts on “Take That, Martha Stewart

  1. i hear you all too well. i know the danger in opening a can of paint! i think the paint fumes alter brain cells and align them into SHOP mode. 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I dare go to this site. The last site that I went to was Travelers IQ. I play it all of the time, so if I go to the design site, I will be virtual painting all of the time…*smile*

  3. cwg – thanks for giving me an excuse to tell Devoted Spouse — i have to shop; it’s my altered brain chemistry! *grins* Linda

  4. shadowlands – aw come on – it’s so much fun and you won’t ruin your favorite tee shirt or strain your arm muscles. I found the horrid combinations I came up with just made me giggle. The simple pleasures of my somewhat twisted mind. Hugs, Linda

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