It’s Just a Name…

According to my local paper, a poll by Veterinary Pet Insurance states the most popular names for male dogs are Max, Buddy, and Rocky.  The favorite names for female dogs are Bella, Molly, and Lucy.  If these names are the best we can do, I’m seriously worried about the future of our nation.  It doesn’t take high SAT scores to come up with a Max, Buddy, or a Rocky.  Wasn’t Clinton’s chocolate lab named Buddy? A president of our country and Buddy was the best he could come up with.  My hair stylist has a dog named Max.  She does better with hair than with naming – although I will give her credit for originality on her other dog; a dalmation named Speck.  That’s not bad. 

My first hound was a mutt and I was too young to remember his name – I do remember he bit me.  Then there was a collie named Prince — he ended up on a farm where he lived up to his royal name. Later in my childhood we had a mixed collie mutt named Cindy and I don’t recall why she received that particular name.  She had some health issues, unfortunately, and had to be put down.  Maybe she would have lived longer if we had named her Precious.  As a pre-teen I had an Alaskan Malamute named Misty.  I had been reading Misty of Chincoteague and the name stuck in my mind.  I got lonesome out in the big world on my own and my family thought I should have a cat for company.  I brought home a tiny little grey kitten and named her Punkin.  She was embarrassed by her name and felt she was more of a Princess, but Punkin stuck.  Next was an Australian Shepherd we named Harley who lived up to his outlaw biker name and kept us prisoners in our own home for the next 12 years.  Another cat arrived shortly after the demise of Harley – a black and white creature I named Benjamin.  Benjamin was a dignified cat and carried his name well – he was never a Ben; always a Benjamin.  We now are the servants of a golden retriever Devoted Spouse named Emma.  Emma is an aristocratic name conjuring up images of Jane Austen’s time.  Emma the golden retriever is anything but aristocratic.  She has a goofy streak so I added a “Lou” onto the Emma because it seemed to fit her silly nature. 

I’d like to find a companion for EmmaLou, but If Devoted Spouse gets another shot at naming a family pet, we may have to live with a little Heston.  I think I’ll wait a bit longer.


2 thoughts on “It’s Just a Name…

  1. When it comes to pet names, I always picture myself yelling this name. There are some names that do not yell well…so just how would “Heessttooon!!!” sound in the wee hours of the morning? It might not be too bad? *smile* It has to be better than my nephew naming his black lab “Kitty”…he would stand in the middle of the lawn and beller…” Here, Kitty”. The neighbors almost had whiplash when they heard the name and saw a huge lumbering lab come running…it was just too funny…

  2. That’s funny! We spent a lot of time yelling at our Australian Shepherd especially when he was out in the back yard barking at our neighbors. We finally amended his name to DammitHarley. I’d go out back and holler DammitHarley and he’d actually look back at me with an expectant expression on his mean face, “who me?” *grin*

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