RIP Moses

Moses died Saturday night.  I mean Charleton Heston.  Same thing.  But he was so many other characters worth remembering.  He was a great actor with some very cheesy roles.  Remember Soylent Green?  Or the Omega Man?  Planet of the Apes?  “Take your stinkin’ paws off me you damn dirty ape.”  Classic Heston and yet really awful films.  I loved them. 

Devoted Spouse bowed his head upon hearing of the great one’s demise.  Mr. Heston was the National Rifle Association’s closest thing to a hero.  DS always quoted, “from my cold dead hands…”  Devoted Spouse is also a devoted gun enthusiast.  He even has a tee-shirt with Charleton Heston on it spouting that famous quote.  He’s only allowed to wear it safe places like the local WalMart or a NASCAR race or in his basement man-cave; never to church or when we eat at Young’s Dairy in the hippie town of Yellow Springs. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Heston.  You will be a hard act to follow – George Clooney or Tom Cruise in the role of Moses just won’t cut it.  They’re not man enough to wear your sandals.


4 thoughts on “RIP Moses

  1. He was an icon. It seems that all our heros are dying. Well, at 84 and Alzeihmers, I can’t wish him to stay here when there are greater glories for the man. Just think, now he can ask Moses if he captured his character or not??? Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

  2. I’ve never been certain as to just how I felt concerning C. Heston and his stance concerning the right for just anybody and everybody to own a gun. I owned a gun until I moved to Port St. Lucie, Fl. I’ve been with him and against him. My very first experience with a rifle came about when I could not have been more that fourteen years old. I was visiting my best friend on her parent’s farm during the summer of 1935. One of the farm dogs ran in front of a mowing machine and had both back legs cut off. Someone had to releive the dog of its agony. I picked up the rifle, aimed and shot. For a desperately poor farm family, it was the only solution. Yea Heston! Then, I think of all the senseless, driveby shootings taking place and I have to wonder. . . ?

  3. Hi Mary – I’ve had my ups and downs with the gun issue – I have a healthy respect for guns, having had a near-miss with a loaded handgun many years ago. It’s difficult to reconcile my stance on rights to bear arms and then watch kids killing kids with these same guns. Linda

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