Making Me Crazy!

Trying to find a parking spot at my local grocery store this morning, I saw a spot open, drove up and as I was starting to pull into the spot, this %$*^# lady pulled all the way through two spots into the one I was attempting to enter.  Then I sat there and stared at her and she didn’t even have the decency to back up and park in the space behind so I could continue pulling in and park.  Grrrrr.  This happens alot lately and it’s making me crazy.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a concealed carry card because I would have shot her tires out at the very least.  It makes me that angry.  How selfish we have become. 

I’m almost home having sufficiently calmed down from the parking lot smack-down and I’m approaching my driveway.  What do I see and almost run over but a neighbor’s nasty little yappy Yorkie dog just trotting along on his merry way with his owner not far behind.  Last time I checked, Ohio has leash laws.  This yahoo is oblivious and lets his ratty little yapmeister just run around at will.  This is the second time this has happened.  The last time the excuse-for-a-dog ran out into the road and I came very close to running him over.  The owner just looked at me like it was my fault.  Grrrr.  Fair warning – next time I’m hitting the accelerator and yappy good-for-nothing Yorkie will never poop again in my yard or anywhere else.  Grrrr.

Here’s another one — next door neighbor (the ones who decided to build a swimming pool for their screaming children EXACTLY at the 10-foot mark of my property lines, even though they have 2 full lots in which to build, have a sweet little grey cat.  Unfortunately, one of the screaming children is allergic to the cat so the cat roams the countryside during the day and is locked up in the garage at night.  I’m a firm believer that cats should not be allowed out in suburbia to roam.  Keep your cats in or don’t have cats.  I like this little creature but I swear the next time I catch it doing its business in my garden, I’m getting the target gun out and having a practice session.  The utter lack of caring about their noise-making children and their animals is about to put me over the edge.  Grrrr.

Alright, I have one more rant and then I’m done for now.  This REALLY is making me crazy — people who have those stupid ear-piece phones attached to their heads and then have loud conversations everywhere they go.   It was crowded at WalMart today, it being Saturday, and I had to park rather far away.  This #*&%$ lady walked about 10 steps behind me the whole way up to the store while having a discussion on her phone that I just didn’t want to be a part of.  I don’t give a calcified damn why she is running late and what problems she is having with her mother.  Furthermore, I don’t want to hear her telling someone the details of the urinary infection she has and why she is going into WalMart for medication.  Let’s go back to the concealed carry card issue — it’s a good thing I don’t have a gun.  I would have shot her phone and unfortunately it was attached to her ^#$&&^ head.  Grrrr.  I want a ban on public use of cell phones, period.  Keep your conversations to yourself. 

I’m going for chocolate now.  It’s the only way I can keep all this in perspective.  Grrrrr.


2 thoughts on “Making Me Crazy!

  1. Defintely sounds like a day for chocolate infusion!
    I have a few of those Pet Peeves and they are located at the local WalMart. I really hate it when people fail to put their carts in the coral when they are finished with it. This afternoon a guy in a brand new Hundya SUV finished putting his groceries in the car and walked 2 feet and left the cart. If he would have walked an additional 2 feet, he would be at the cart collection thingy, but no, he just let it set so anyone who wanted to park would have to hit his cart to get into the space. So, I stopped my cart, walked over to where this guy left his and pushed it the two feet to the collection thingy. I also gave him a look that I reserved for my children when they misbehaved…this dude was at least 15 years my junior. Sorry to say, shame doesn’t work on people like it once did…he just let me push his cart while mine was attempting a get away…so, it sounds like it was your day for all of your pet peeves…I recommend a pound of chocolate for each infraction. Well, that may be too much. Just whatever it takes to numb out the crazies….*smile*

  2. Hi sweetie – I am so with you on the cart people. I see it all the time. I actually asked a lady at WM why she didn’t return her cart 5 feet away from her big ole honkin’ SUV – she said “They have people who do that.” Unbelievable! Hugs,

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