April Fool

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I imagine teachers all over the country are dreading this day, unless they are fortunate enough to be on spring break.  April Fool’s and kids just naturally go together.  I remember the standard at my house when I was growing up — putting salt in the sugar bowl and sugar in the salt shaker.  Always ticked off Dad.  It was just too easy. 

When I married Devoted Spouse, I pulled a few April Fool’s pranks but found out quickly he wasn’t a good pranking subject.  He got a little cranky to put it mildly. 

I used to prank the people I didn’t like by signing them up to receive the videos and literature on those old people’s Craftmatic beds — you know, the ones that raise and lower like hospital beds.  I used to sign them up for magazine subscriptions, too.  Harmless, stupid fun.  I finally gave up pranks except for the occasional one at the office to break the tedium and boredom of government work. 

I’m about to have a big April Fool’s Day prank pulled on me – sort of.  Devoted Spouse and I have been invited over to our pastor’s house to be part of a group of folks who are working a new church campaign and we will also learn how to make a fancy dessert.  And we get to eat that fancy dessert.  There’s going to be a Pastry Chef there to walk us through the steps of this dessert.  Really.  Now, it seems to me teaching a dieting woman (who hasn’t had a dessert in months and doesn’t want to start now) how to make a fancy dessert qualifies as an April Fool’s Day stunt.  In fact, I think it’s downright cruel.  But that’s okay.  I have the pastor’s address and he can expect his Craftmatic video any day now… 

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