No-Guilt Desserts?

In an article in today’s Parade magazine, Iron Chef Cat Cora presents what she considers to be healthy desserts.  With the inclusion of these desserts she claims we can have our cake and eat it too.  I’m not convinced.

These are the dishes:  Kiwi Parfait, Baked Apples, Affogato, and Clafouti.  Obviously I’m not an Iron Chef — I can’t even pronounce some of these desserts, let alone make them.  Chef Cat may have lightened up the ingredients but they still contain items such as whipping cream, cashews, light or soy ice cream (okay, side note to Cat; if it’s soy it’s not ice cream), Amaretto or Frangelico, rum or sherry, brown sugar, and something called chocolate ganache (not to be confused with chocolate panache which we all know is just chocolate with an attitude).  Yes, she has included fruit in most of these desserts, but it’s the sugar and the alcohol that grabs my attention.  I make baked apples frequently but it never occurred to me to include rum in the recipe.  What a great idea; better yet, skip the apples and go right to the rum.  Yum. 

I went to and looked up Affogato – it means poached.  The recipe Cat calls Affogato calls for espresso and Amaretto to be combined with soy ice cream and topped with the chocolate and some hazelnuts — there’s nothing poached.  I guess Poached isn’t as romantic sounding as Affogato. 

As for Clafouti – that sounds like something in need of a large dose of penicillin.

I think I’ll stick with Oreos and milk when I need a dessert – I feel no guilt about an Oreo whatsoever.


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