It’s the Economy

Devoted Spouse and I attended the local auto show yesterday.  Now it’s not quite as showy as Detroit, but there were plenty of cars showcased and a few interesting concept cars.  I noticed quite a few of our older population perusing pick-up trucks which I found interesting.  One old fellow had some trouble getting up into the cab of a fancy truck, but his face just lit up once he was in the seat.  His son was at the back of the truck hollering, “Hey Pop, look at this!” Pop was in his own sweet world and Sonny wasn’t going to get him out of that truck for love nor money. 

We looked at possible replacement vehicles for my car; not that it needs replacing, but you never know when you will find the car of your dreams.  I actually found a Mercedes I rather liked, and I’m not usually a big fan of Mercedes. I  enjoyed their commercials with the Mercedes CEO guy, Dieter talking up mini-vans to the soccer moms, but not enough for me to actually consider purchasing a Mercedes.   I’m more Jeep-minded.  The price tag on this Mercedes was a bit hefty for my retired income budget; $80,000.  Yeah, 80 big ones.  Why anyone in their right mind would shell out 80K for an SUV with horrid gas mileage is beyond me.  But then if you can afford 80 grand, you can afford gas prices.  Must be that status thing.  Even some of the lowlier SUVs like Toyota were still overpriced.  Toyota was hawking a hybrid Hylander and the gas mileage wasn’t anything to write home about – 27 highway.  The price, however, was around 40 grand if memory serves.  Too rich for my blood.  Back to the Jeep. 

The house prices are coming down drastically.  Car prices have to follow.  Some housing markets prices have dropped at least 10-11% in the last year.  Let’s apply that thinking to a car, and I could probably afford that Mercedes in, oh about 8 or 9 years.  Sigh…


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