War and Peace the Final Frontier

Mea culpa, mea culpa.  I give up.  I cannot finish War and Peace.  I will never finish War and Peace.  I do not enjoy trying to read War and Peace.  I put the book on my reading back burner but it sits there on my night stand and mocks me.  Life is too short to suffer reading something this unpleasant.  Never again will I try.  I concede defeat to War and Peace.  I’m done.  It won.  It’s over.  War and Peace is taking its rightful place in the Goodwill bag to terrify yet another reader somewhere out in Thriftshopville.  I’m moving forward with my life.  Be happy for me.


3 thoughts on “War and Peace the Final Frontier

  1. You’ve helped to take away the guilt I’ve carried with me for some fifty years and more. I’ve never even tried reading War and Peace. At least, you gave it a go. I’ve always been grateful the book was never so much as discussed among my fellow writers and me. Thanks for your honesty

  2. Mary I feel so much better admitting defeat on this one. Now maybe I won’t have to go through the works of Shakespeare that are lurking in my reading room. *smile* Linda

  3. This shames me to write: my daughter Bev who lives in Fort Lauderdale, used to walk about with the works of Shakespeare under one arm like I’ve seen others carry a Bible. Hum a tune from some opera and she can name opera, location and scene. That latter may be a bit overhyped, but not far from the truth. On the other hand, she credits me with her love of both.

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