Tired of Politics

It was a dangerous arrival at Target.  We ran across the parking lot with our heads down to avoid being hit by sniper fire.  There was supposed to be a greeting party, but instead we dashed into the store.

No, wait, that’s a misstatement.  I say alot of things; I use millions of words a day; I’m human.  I made a mistake.  It could happen.

Give it up, Hillary.  You have no foreign policy experience; you certainly didn’t broker peace in Northern Ireland; and allowing you back in the White House is like giving an alcoholic just one small shot. 

As for Obama, I refuse to vote for someone who will not dissassociate himself from the vitriolic, racist rantings of Rev Wright. 

That leaves McCain.  And he’s no first choice, either.  How sad that this is all the greatest country on the face of the earth can produce for leaders; a power-hungry liar, a racist, and an old war horse who doesn’t even understand economics.


4 thoughts on “Tired of Politics

  1. Hi Linda,
    There are no choices are there? Here we have an unelected leader, Blair stepped down and passed it to Brown…he got out before it got too hot, but we should have the right to vote on who governs us.
    Both here and in the US there are no contenders, and democracy has long gone along with freedom of speech and many other things.
    Anyway, I have a tag for you HERE
    It’s an easy one though and participation is your choice.
    Have a great day and hope you will join in 🙂
    Colin from Life

  2. Hello, Linda,
    I fear I have to agree with cotojo: There isn’t a contender on either side, democrat or republican, suitable to take over the white house. But then, is the president president suitable material? Can any do worse? As for democracy? I doubt democracy will ever again be as I once knew it.

  3. Hi Mary – Sometimes it just worries me terribly wondering how we’re going to get this place back on track when I listen to the likes of Hillary, Obama, and McCain – none of whom I trust to run my country. We might as well just hold a raffle and elect the winner president. Linda

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