Where is Duluth Anyway?

While reading my morning newspaper I came across an article on increasing your brainpower.  Always ready to tickle my neurons, I ran to my laptop and perused the various websites provided.  Most of these places were a tease.  Yes, they provided mental exercises and games but they were not free.  I don’t want to pay to discover my brain is slowly turning to mush; I’d like that honor to be free please.  So I continued to surf.  I found one website with brain exercises for free and it sounded like fun.  So off I went to a travel site.  What I encountered was simply mind numbing.  This site has a series of games where you identify locations on a map — things like capital cities or famous monuments.  I figured this was going to be a breeze – heck, I’m a world traveler.  I was so wrong and so humbled.  I couldn’t even find Duluth, Minnesota – I put it in Michigan somewhere.  How embarassing.  I did get within 2 kilometers of Hoboken, New Jersey – why, I have no flipping idea.  I’ve never been to Hoboken and up until this morning I had a sneaking suspicion that Hoboken was just a made-up place.  Silly me.  I also got credit for being able to pinpoint Dallas, Texas.  Again, who knows why.  I got a little full of myself and decided since I was so good (okay, sort of good) at locating places in my own country, I would take the challenge for the world map.  Oh, what a mistake.  Apparently, I don’t have a clue as to where India is located, although I certainly spend alot of time on the phone with Indians solving my various computer issues.  I found China okay, and managed to get the Vatican close.  But I completely missed London which made me feel especially stupid since I’ve visited there, I was born there, and I have this ridiculous impression in my head that I know all things British. 

Here are the websites – go try – come back and report – then feel free to join me as I sign up for Geography 101 at my local community college.   http://www.travelpod.com/traveler-iq and http://www.sharpbrains.com/teasers


4 thoughts on “Where is Duluth Anyway?

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  2. How about…

    Score 265,064
    Level 10
    IQ 100

    To be honest, it helped just knowing the general area. Who knew Djibouti was a place on a map!?

  3. Hi Eric – thanks for stopping by. I’m convinced I would have done much better had the map been a little larger. Must be these old eyes. Linda

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