Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I am obsessed with my hair.  It grows out; I cut it.  Then I weep for days over the lost hair.  I sweep my hair back off my forehead; I pull it down in bangs.  I hold it back with a headband; I wear it down in my face.  I let it grow out grey; I dye it brown.  I have it highlighted blonde; I color it red.  It’s a daily fight what to do with my hair. The only processs I have never done to my hair is having a perm and only because the smell of the chemicals is enough to gag a maggot.

Normal bathroom closets hold towels or bath soap.  Mine holds hair products and equipment. There are the requisite bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the super duper economy size; okay, more than one of the super duper economy size bottles because there are sales and I have to stock up.  Next to the shampoos are the styling products for both curly and straight hair.  I never know from one day to the next if my hair will be sleek or if it will wave, curl and frizz out of control.  I have to be ready for any situation.  Like a good scout, I am prepared with curl enhancer, curl relaxer, volume spritz and mousse, holding gel and a variety of fixative sprays.  Heaven help the wayward lock of hair.  It’s not getting out alive.

On another shelf you will find at least three flat irons in various sizes and plate configurations.  One of the flat irons actually makes waves, but it’s for longer hair and mine is still too short.  I’m ready when the day comes my hair is long and I want those weird waffle waves.  I have several curling irons, again in varying sizes depending on how big a curl you wish to make.  I let my husband borrow one of my curling irons to iron some planking wood for a boat he’s building in the basement, but that’s another story. 

I have electric curlers – two different sets; one is travel-sized.  My collection of curlers also includes velcro which supposedly stick to your hair so you don’t have to use pins or clips.  Just in case they don’t stick, I have a big plastic bag with assorted pins and clips. I like to toss the velcro curlers at EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer and see how many stick at any given time.  It’s one of our more entertaining human-canine games.  She’s not real crazy about the blow dryer part of the game.  I have multi-colored plastic curlers, and curlers that have metal inside them so you can heat them with a blow dryer — curl and dry your hair at the same time.  What a novel concept.  Then there are the blow dryers – I have two full size and several smaller travel versions because you just never know when you will be traveling and have to dry your hair.  The last time I traveled, the hotel provided a blow dryer, but I can’t take the chance I won’t be able to dry my hair so I always tuck a small travel size blow dryer in the backpack.

The only hair product not on my shelf is Rogaine.  With all the hair pulling and tugging, curling and uncurling going on in my bathroom lately, maybe I’ll pick up a bottle just to be on the safe side. 

7 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Now look here DS…I loaned you a curling iron, therefore you are ironing the planks. To bend them you would need a bending iron and I don’t have one of those. Linda Logic 101 *smile*

  2. Are you two sure he wasn’t curling the planks?
    Funny stuff! I can completely relate.
    I feel about condiments the way you feel about hair products. You can’t have too many.

    Keep laughing.


  3. I love the sound of the canine games…LOL, poor EmmaLou..that does sound like fun *smile*
    I understand completely. I have my hair longer than I usually do because it grows so fast and I just can’t seem to get myself in the salon to keep it in the proper cut, so I have given up and it will just have to grow…just today, I had to buy scrunchies….

  4. Ah yes, scrunchies. I still have mine from when my hair was longer. I refuse to give them up!
    *grin* Linda

  5. Hey, at least you have hair, and I’ll bet you have eyebrows to go with the hair. At 88, while my hair has not thinned to the point of . . . why bother getting it cut. . . it almost takes a magnifying glass to ascertain if those few hairs above my once, beautiful long black eyelashes, are, in fact, eyebrows.

  6. God bless you, Mary you make me smile. Just think of the time you save in tweezing! *grin*

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