Thoughts on a Wet Wednesday

It’s a little wet here today.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  I always feel sorry for the folks you see on the tv news reports who are climbing into the rescue boat with their dog and what little possessions they can carry out.  A local weather forecaster noted this morning that later today one of our local rivers will crest over 10 feet higher than normal.   I don’t understand people who voluntarily live close to a river.  I’m suspicious of house listings that note a creek or stream on the property.  If the term flood plain comes up, I look elsewhere for lodging.  During this monsoon season the only way I want to view a river is from high above looking down –  certainly not from the splintered seat of a small craft smelling of yesterday’s bass catch. 

I’m concerned that I haven’t heard our sump pump kick in lately.  It may just be too tired out.  It has had quite a workout the past few days.  I did hear the washing machine groan earlier.  Devoted Spouse was trying to get the couch cover into the machine so that later today we will have a clean place to lounge.  Anyone with a canine companion will understand the necessity of covering the couch to save your furniture from wet, nasty, smelly dog. 

Speaking of dogs, as I was having my normal morning 80 lb.-pup-in-my-lap-while-I’m-drinking-scalding-coffee romp, I noticed green stuff on EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer.  Hmmmm, it’s raining and maybe she has mold.  Turns out it’s just more pieces of her leftover houseplant snack from the other night.  EmmaLou takes going green literally.

On a completely different subject…I enjoy finding references to our Dayton area in tv, movies, or books.  Last night’s episode of Jericho contained a reference to Alex Bell Road and Lytle Five Points Road.  Writers have all the fun.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Wet Wednesday

  1. I can commiserate with you, Linda…It isn’t just raining, it is like the heavens are pouring buckets. We have a mote around our house. I am literally going to have to go out today and dig a trench so the water can find the ditch that is in front of the house…(the ditch isn’t full…how does that happen???)
    I tried so hard to not complain in light of the drought of last year, but this is getting really hard not to say anything bad about the rain…I think that we have another day of this monsoon…I hope that it doesn’t mean that we are getting all of the rain now and none in the hot days of summer….
    Hope your middle finger is finding its way to healing…and that EmmaLou is recovering from her foraging…Here’s hoping for a dry tomorrow….

  2. I am not certain if it is a good thing or a bad thing that can happen to an individual fortunate enough to live to 88 and enjoying life, but as I mentioned in my blog. . . it takes little to trigger the memory. Croneandbearit, you did beautifully. 1960, my first year on the third farm to which my husband figuratively dragged me, was a year of too much rain. We bought hay that winter. 1961 and 2, were years of extreme drought. We bought hay both winters. Swore I’d never complain about rain again and I haven’t, but . . . I haven’t lived with what you and Shadowlands are apparently enduring at the moment. Good luck to you both and, about that middle finger: Use lots of Neosporin. Wonderful healing ointment.

  3. Hi shadowlands – I would have answered sooner but we’re building an ark. We keep watching streets being closed for high water but we’re still better off than most. The basement is still dry! Linda

  4. Hi Mary – I have the utmost respect and admiration for farmers. I don’t have the gumption it takes to know what to plant and when and then to sit back, pray and wait. There are only about 4 farms left in my area — everything else is being developed or overdeveloped. Many of the fields are literally under water and I wonder what this tremendous amount of water will do to upcoming planting. Take care. Linda

  5. Hi There! I am from Kettering and watched Jericho last night and caught the reference to Alex Bell, etc. I thought I lost my mind. I’m glad to see you watching the show. I am addicted to it. Lots of “locals” are coming out of the woodwork on the CBS Jericho boards since last night’s ep… if you get a chance, stop by. My handle is JerichoLvr.

    ~~ Casey

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