I Have Blogger’s Block

For someone who rarely shuts up, I have little to discuss today.  I found nothing to say yesterday.  It’s the dreaded Blogger’s Block.  I’ve scoured all my news sources and nothing captures my attention.  I’ve mentally examined recent life experiences, books I’ve read, conversations I’ve had, dinners I’ve attended.  I got nothing.  Even trusty canine companion hasn’t done anything worth writing about in the past few days.  I’m in a blog rut.

Friends have come up to me lately to tell me they enjoy my blog.  I had an email from someone I used to work with that said, “I count on you to make me laugh every day.”  And now I have blogging humor performance anxiety.  I can’t take the pressure.

This could truly be a serious condition.  Please send Blogging Viagra.  Bliagra.  That should do it.


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