The Urge to Burp

I received an email from Tupperware the other day entitled, 34 Reasons to Shop Tupperware.  It encouraged me to  examine their 34 all-time bestsellers and discover why consumers love Tupperware.  That was an invitation I couldn’t ignore! 

I grew up with Tupperware and there were many days when my friends and I would while away the hours playing with my stepmother’s Tupperware.  I’m not kidding.  We would get the greatest enjoyment out of burping the Tupperware.  Remember burping?  You squeeze the air out of the container by lifting the lid just a little and it would burp.  To a young kid that was an opening to engage in other sound-making opportunities and well, life was a little more innocent in those days and we didn’t have video games to keep us occupied.  So we burped.  And we laughed hysterically. 

So I looked at the 34 reasons to shop Tupperware and I found a few reasons why I should buy some Tupperware.  Devoted Spouse will tell you I don’t need any more Tupperware.  He will mention the trunk-loads of Tupperware already donated to Goodwill.  While cleaning out the basement recently, he discovered a paper bag full of old Tupperware lids.  I had given up on finding those same lids and the rest of their Tupperware kin had already made the journey to the “big truck in the parking lot.”  Obviously, I need to replace what I lost.  (In my house we call this Linda Logic.)

 Any day now my UPS delivery person will be arriving at my door with a big box of burpables.  I’m so excited.


2 thoughts on “The Urge to Burp

  1. Linda,
    You never fail to put a smile on my face, but this one tore me up…LOL…

  2. I’m glad you’re smiling. Devoted Spouse hasn’t read this post yet – he won’t be smiling when he finds out there’s more T’ware on the way. *grin*

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