Thursday Thoughts

An article on Yahoo News this morning states retail sales have fallen another 0.6 percent.  I’m shopping as fast and as much as I can.  My dedication to helping this country out of recession knows no bounds.  Soon I hope to assist the auto industry with its lagging sales as I look for another gas sucking road hog to replace the one I just paid off.  Car payments help the economy.  Just doin’ my part.

Approaching Easter, once again my thoughts turn to the question of why a rabbit doles out eggs.  That’s always bothered me.  I understand the symbolism with the egg; the season is about resurrection and new life and what better symbol of new life than an egg.  But a bunny?  I don’t get it.  Were chickens not cute enough?   I have issues with chocolate eggs, too.  They don’t scramble well.  Makes a terrible mess in the skillet. 

The new $5 bill comes out today.  Have you seen it?  It’s not pretty.  I think we need some younger and hipper members of the Federal Reserve committee to work this.  Let’s get a hot shot advertising agency involved and do some serious brainstorming.   How about adding pictures of celebrities instead of former presidents?  C’mon, wouldn’t it be more fun to have Brad Pitt in your pocket than Abraham Lincoln? 

Am I the only one who sees a physical resemblance between the newly resigned NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and the former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher?  These guys have to be at least cousins. 

According to USA Today, rumors are surfacing that David and Victoria Beckham may be returning to England.  Please take Tom Cruise with you.

And lastly there is the story of the woman who sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for two years.  Two years.  Her boyfriend said she had a phobia about leaving the bathroom and that after awhile he just got used to it.  God love him; he brought her food, water and even clothes.  That’s love for you.  Maybe I can convince Devoted Spouse I have a phobia about getting up from this recliner. 

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