Official Geezerdom

While chowing down on pulled pork at Big Lou’s Barbecue earlier today I happened to gaze around the room.  With the exception of wait staff, there wasn’t a person under 75 in the place.  Devoted Spouse and I were the youngest there.  Not only that, every other table was medically assisted in some way; one lady in a wheelchair, one on oxygen, a cane.  It was depressing.  When I pointed out to Devoted Spouse the fact that the other diners had canes, oxygen, walkers, etc., he rapidly reminded me about his own medical assistance; hearing aids.  We truly fit in with the rest of the group. 

Then I realized what time it was — barely 5:00 pm.  We had reached a new retirement milestone — eating dinner at an ungodly early hour like old geezers.  And we enjoyed it.  I better shuffle off to bed now. 


4 thoughts on “Official Geezerdom

  1. Big Lou’s Barbecue is a great name for a retirement home. Gives the oldies the idea they’re living it up. Pass the ketchup.

  2. It certainly sounds like more fun than Peaceful Pastures or Tranquility House. thanks for visiting *smile* Linda from croneandbearit

  3. You made me laugh. Big Lou’s BBQ sounds like the local Waffle House…on Thursdays, the Seniors pile in the place for the dinner discount. It starts at 4PM. The Blue Hair Herd come in at 3 PM to get a table and they wait for the hour to pass. No one moves…it is so crowded that it is a wash for anyone who isn’t allowed the discount to go inside…Hubby and I miss the discount by a year….and they do card you :-)…

  4. I was simply amazed at the Blue Hair Herd as you call them. I truly didn’t belong – but I was hungry! I’m looking forward to the discount. *grin*

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