Paper or Plastic?

I like plastic bags and I’m tired of getting dirty looks at the grocery store when I request them instead of paper.  There are plenty of reasons I want a plastic bag.

Plastic bags are perfect for scooping up dog poop.  You wouldn’t want to put dog poop in a paper bag because paper bags have no handles to tie together to keep the poop secured.  Unsecured poop is dangerous poop.

Plastic bags are just the right size to hold a pair of shoes in your overnight bag.  I found a great pair of shoes at the Holiday Inn Express just sitting in front of the door across the hall from me.  Fit into my plastic bag just fine. 

My great aunt once used plastic bags to hook multi-purpose kitchen rugs.  Not only did they cover the stain on the linoleum; they kept the neighborhood kids entertained.  Combine those rugs with a hard wood floor and we had our own version of Slip N Slide.

Here’s a great use for plastic bags.  In the evenings when it’s snack time, slip your spouse’s noggin through one of the handles of a plastic bag and Presto – instant crumb catcher.  Just don’t forget to remove the bag before you tie those handles.

Next time you’re at the store, assert yourself.  Proudly choose plastic.


2 thoughts on “Paper or Plastic?

  1. No comments yet? Well, there should be. I love your ready wit and the ability to put it into words. I smiled all the way through, even while lamenting the time it takes for plastic to disintegrate when added to the weekly trash that will find its way to yet another hill composed of household trash. I feel a sense of guilt everytime I clean the cat’s litter box.

  2. I hear you and I agree someday we will be overrun by our own garbage. Maybe by then we will have perfected space travel to afford the luxury of trashing someone else’s planet. (kidding, kidding). Hugs, L

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