Right-Brained and Left Out

With over a foot of snow spoiling my plans to shop today, I took a little spin on the internet looking for something to keep me from having to clean my house or clean off my car.

I stumbled upon some personality tests — just answer 10-20 multiple choice questions and you will magically understand why you act one way or another.  I love taking these tests.  Ranking as high on the accuracy scale as horoscopes, I am still compelled to answer the questions and push that “submit” button hoping to find insight into my personality.

One test I played with today determined which side of my brain I use most frequently; the right or the left.  Apparently, left brain functions include using logic and being detail oriented.  This side is the math and science part; practical, and safe.  Left brain forms strategies and is adept at order and pattern perception.  Conversely, the right brain uses feeling and sees the big picture.  Imagination rules this side and here we have philosophy, symbols and images.  Right brain function is impetuous and risk taking.  So I took several of these tests and here are my results:  Right Brain 68%; Left Brain 32%. 

Now, I’m not exactly sure what that means to me.  As the test results explained, right-brained folks lack attention to detail and have difficulty communicating ideas. Unorganized, disorderly and unable to focus attention…where was I?? Oh yeah, unable to communicate effectively.  Pfffft!  Stupid test. 

Some years ago while Devoted Spouse was Active Duty Air Force, we both took the Myers-Briggs personality test.  While I don’t recall our exact types, I do remember distinctly our individual role models.  The illustration for Devoted Spouse was Abraham Lincoln; my example was Charlie Brown.  What a cruel joke. 

Here’s my suggestion; take the tests numerous times until you get the personality profile you want.  As for me, I’m going to be Mid Brain; that way I keep everyone guessing. 

2 thoughts on “Right-Brained and Left Out

  1. What a wonderful, next door neighbor and friend you would be. Before I was finished reading, I had already decided that any such test I took I’d end up ‘mid-Brain’. I want to think, view and compose poetically: my thoughts, with an exception now and then, find their way into the written word in pure prose. I wanted to be an Eleanor Roosevelt in a Marilyn Monroe body but, over the years, found myself to be just short of a female Charlie Brown. ‘d

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