Today my mind is wandering so today’s post is simply random snippets of my life.

I don’t like snow.  Okay, I like the very first snowfall and after 10 minutes I’m done and want nice weather again. 

My favorite color is yellow.  I detest the color orange and I’m not that fond of pink. 

We have some antiques and cherry wood in our home, but if I had my way all wood would be light colored.  I harbor secret desires of a home filled with Danish modern furniture. 

I am a voracious reader.  It’s not unusual for me to have 6 or 7 books I’m reading all at the same time.  My love affair with the printed word goes back to my childhood where I had serious vision difficulties and wasn’t diagnosed properly until virtually failing the first grade because I couldn’t see.  Giving me glasses rocked my world.  Once I could read, I couldn’t stop. 

I like mushroom gravy on my French Fries but I don’t like gravy on mashed potatoes.  I don’t even like mashed potatoes. 

I don’t understand why people put salt on watermelon or on canteloupe.  That just makes salty fruit.  Ick.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower. 

My dog doesn’t like peas.  She loves anything made of cotton. 

I love to play board games.  I also enjoy Cribbage and have been spending an inordinate amount of time lately with computer chess.

Clowns bother me.  I was frightened of them as a child.  As an adult, they still make me uncomfortable.  I have been known to walk away from a picnic or gathering because I saw a clown. 

I don’t care what Hollywood celebrities think politically or otherwise.  They should concentrate on entertaining me.  I hear there may be an actors’ strike looming on the horizon.  Who needs actors — I have books.

I cut things out of magazines so I can refer to them later but never look at them again. 

I write everything down and then I lose my notes.  All the time.  I can never find anything because I lost the note.  I also put things in a special place so I’ll be sure to find them again, and then I forget where the special place is.  I’m not kidding.  It’s like a sickness with me — not too long ago I bought a gift card for a bridal present.  A week prior to the wedding I couldn’t find the gift card and had to replace it.  After the wedding, I found the gift card in a dresser drawer. 

I’m a closet English teacher.  I was the only one in class who loved to diagram a sentence. 

That’s enough.  The laundry is calling me and the dog wants to help me fold the socks.


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