It’s the Easter Dog!

In an earlier post I mentioned my latest experience with crafting.  I described in detail how my dining room table was chocked full of paints and Easter-themed paraphernalia all for use in the annual wooden egg decorating debacle.

Saturday, I was interrupted mid-craft by company.  Hurrying to make my dining room look more like Architectural Digest and less like the cable show Clean Sweep, I stashed my crafting goodies in an open box and slid the box behind the buffet.  Then I got really distracted for several days.

This moring, as I was headed to my favorite living room recliner with that all important first cup of steaming coffee, I walked smack dab onto a sodden mess on my dining room floor.  You can see what’s coming; can’t you?

EmmaLou, my Golden Retriever Destroyer, had discovered the box of crafting supplies and with her usual puppy glee enthusiastically decorated my grey carpet with a lovely shade of bright green acrylic paint.  It’s actually a nice green; unlike the angry shade of red my husband’s face became as he scrubbed the carpet repeatedly with Resolve.  Did I mention what an angry shade of red his face was?  EmmaLou beat a hasty retreat.

Last I saw, she was heading for the family room with a bottle of Mod Podge in her mouth.  I can only hope she plans to decoupage her toy box…

2 thoughts on “It’s the Easter Dog!

  1. We actually laughed about it; I’ve wanted an excuse to get new carpet for ages — EmmaLou to the rescue!

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