In Retired World Every Day is Friday

Looking out on a sleet-filled grey morning, I watch my neighbor drive off to work and I realize it’s Friday.  Yippee – it’s Friday!  That used to have meaning to me but now that I am no longer gainfully employed (by choice), every day becomes a Friday.  Another remarkable day to discover whatever I wish; to visit where I may, when I want, without answering to any person higher up the economical food chain.  I can spend my day in my jammies if I so choose.  My day is only limited by my own imagination (and perhaps hampered by the weather). 

When I retired, I worried about establishing a routine to my days.  I told myself there must be a reason to get up and out of bed every day.  Without a job to provide structure, I feared my days would be spent wondering what to do with myself.  Even though I truly detested my job – the work, the environment, and some of my customers; that routine of going to work was what I knew best.  So if routine satisfied me then, routine must be what I need in retirement.  Well, I was wrong.

The wonderful part of retirement is the lack of routine.  It is the discovery each day that there are more experiences to enjoy, in no particular order.  Retirement is like finding a free summer at the beach, or a substitute teacher in your History class and no quiz.  My days can be spontaneous and impulsive.  After years of being frustrated by a work experience I never really chose, I am suddenly freed to travel, or read, or shop, or volunteer, or take a class, or sit in my favorite chair and blog to my heart’s content.  And, I am blessed to have my best friend and my wunderdog join me on this journey. 

Every day is a Friday.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


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