Signs of Spring

It’s official.  Spring is right around the corner.  As I was layering on the face spackle this morning, I heard a familiar call outside my bathroom window.  My mourning dove has returned.  She comes to nest every year, and she is the first sign of Spring for me.  Soon after she arrives, nice weather moves in. 

My faithful companion EmmaLou is in search of Spring, too.  She looks for bunny nests under the evergreen tree.  I saw her digging and nosing around last night as she surveyed her back yard after dinner.  Much to my relief, all she found was snow.  I’m not quite ready for bunny 911.  Actually my devoted spouse is the one who goes on the bunny 911 calls.  I am usually too busy screaming and hyperventilating over the fact EmmaLou has successfully discovered a bunny hideout.  

Gardening catalogs filling up my mailbox also herald the arrival of Spring.  My coffee table is covered with all the latest ideas in perennials, annuals, and what to plant in the vegetable garden this year.  Being retired, this is the first year I’ll actually have time to do the garden justice.  The garden clogs in the garage are calling my name.

Another sign of Spring is all the Easter candy in the stores.  While wandering Target the other day, I came across chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and a few items I couldn’t identify, but most of them are the requisite chocolate (except for those strange marshmallow abominations known as Peeps). 

All that is left to assure me of Spring is the first crocus nudging its way out of the ground.  I checked out front this morning and so far I see nothing but mulch – maybe tomorrow. 


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