Razor of Mass Destruction

There is a new razor in town – designed just for us gals.  The Gillette Venus Embrace razor has five blades.  It also has a “Ribbon of Moisturizer” encircling the blades.    Let’s back up a moment and let me repeat something important here…five blades.  Five.  Not two or three or even four; five.  Now, unless you’re in a family of Sasquatch, five blades are at least two blades too many.  I can understand two blades; one to scrape off those pesky hairs, and one to clean up the places the first blade might have missed.  Three blades catch all the hairs plus a few layers of skin you didn’t know you had.  Four blades and we’re in Sweeney Todd territory.  But five blades could conceivably clear out your front lawn and lay bare a substrata deep enough to make a grown archeologist cry.  I’m all for innovation and I’m always interested in gadgets that may save me some time and effort.  But I’m not planning on buying the Gillette Venus Embrace.  Nope, not unless they add a Ribbon of Neosporin and throw in a free tourniquet.


4 thoughts on “Razor of Mass Destruction

  1. Hi – thought I responded but guess I forgot to hit the submit button. I’m glad I could make you smile! Hugs, Linda

  2. I was just discussing this with my friends the other day! I saw these in the store and picked up a package, just to see what that fifth blade could get that the first, second, third, and fourth ones may have left behind. The answer is: your epidermis.

    Great stuff! Glad to have “met” you! 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by — did you also notice how expensive they are? You destroy 17 layers of skin and pay dearly for it. *smile* Linda

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