Confessions of an Office Supply Junkie

I admit it.  I’m addicted to office supplies.  I drool over the Office Max insert in the Sunday paper.  I’m the one cruising the local Staples with a cart full of post-it notes, Sharpies in every color known to man, and reams of multi-colored printer paper.  While some spend hours perusing art in a museum, I spend my afternoons wandering the aisles at Office Depot.  While other women my age are cruising the make-up aisles at Target, I’m in the office supply section drooling over mini-staplers and highlighters.  It’s unnatural, I know.  I am helpless to fight it.

I’m particularly fond of notebooks and have accumulated quite a personal collection. The promise of a new page overwhelms my senses and I simply cannot leave the store without at least one new notebook.  Surely each page will soon be brimming over with all the wondrous words my brain has been saving.  Oh the journals I will write!  

I’m a sucker for file folders in various colors and patterns.  Filing systems to hold those colorful folders also grab my attention.  And then, I simply must get all the labels to go with the folders which match the filing system.  And, wait, there is a matching storage box that will hold the filing system made up of the pretty folders…

I haven’t gotten my Office Depot fix this week, and I find myself dreaming of gel pens and mechanical pencils.  I’m feeling anxious and worry that someone else might grab that notebook with the cute puppy on the cover that I didn’t buy the last time I was there.  The printer needs more ink, and I can recycle old ink for a new ream of paper.  And my favorite turquoise Sharpie is on its last leg, and I need, I need, I need…

I need a Twelve Step Program….


2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Office Supply Junkie

  1. I love office supplies too. I thought I was the only one. I love quirky things too. Office Depot has this game that you can build creatures out of office supplies, they call them Slobs. So, cool, the site is

  2. Hi Emily – thanks for stopping by – I visited the website and it’s really cool. I’ll have to come up with some of my own – I certainly have enough to work with! Linda

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