Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

 I have become such a coffee snob that I almost feel sorry for myself.  Lovers of good coffee miss out on the simple experience of average coffee drinkers – the ability to down a cup of common restaurant quality coffee and be satisfied.  No, this coffee addict must constantly seek out the incomparable dimension of flavor demanding taste buds pay attention and savor every delectable moment in true sensory involvement. To appreciate coffee is to know daily disappointment at the hands (or pots) of coffee purveyors everywhere.  How can anyone enjoy the bitter coffee that has been sitting in a glass pot on a warming tray for a half hour at your local Bob Evans? I have only had truly excellent coffee, outside of my own home, three times in my life; once in the home of a German lady who put so much coffee into the pot I thought we’d die of caffeine overload, once from a Norwegian lady who brought her own coffee to my home because “American coffee is so bad,” and once in a Peets cafe in Seattle, WA. Those three experiences shaped my coffee desires forever. I traded the red plastic can of Folgers for a glorious bag of whole coffee beans from exotic places like Ethiopia and Sumatra and never looked back. Currently, I’m hooked on a coffee from the Pacific called Sulawesi-Kalosi and I get it from Peets.  So pity me.  I’m obsessed.  I’m intransigent.  I’m unbending.  I’m intractable. And, I’m going to go get a cup of coffee now.


5 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

  1. Ever roast your own coffee? It is a hobby that is catching on and it is a lot of fun. You can still get the exotic coffees but you get to roast them yourself so the are fresher than when someone else roast them for you and you can get exactly the taste you are looking for with a little practice.

  2. Thought I would return the visit and enjoy your site. I do enjoy it very much. I am the garden variety coffee lover…I am totally stumped when I go into Starbucks or “Fourbucks” as my daughter in law calls it because my son cannot get out of there for a cup under 4 bucks. *smile*. I enjoy your wit and will be stopping back by…too back it can’t include a “cup”…

  3. Hi Jim – No, I haven’t tried roasting my own. I bet the house would smell wonderful! I may have to try that one of these days. Thanks for your comment and have a super rest of your day! Linda

  4. Hi sweet lady – Glad you stopped in. Visit any time and stop to chat please. I’m sending you a virtual “cup”…mmmmmm yum yum. Hugs, Linda

  5. Well I just found out where I can see replies to my replies. This whole blogging thing is so new to me. Coffee roasting produces smoke, most people I know roast it out side or in their garage in the winter time. It is a fun hobby though.

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