McCain Tryst?

Oh come on people, look at him – would you have a tryst with this man?  Besides that have you looked at his trophy wife?  Why would he cat around with that waiting for him at home?  Normal dirty politics and mud slinging.  Get over it.  Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton was up to his usual randiness and Hillary said on national television that it was a right wing conspiracy?  I still laugh at that one. 

I ran across a blog last night of a young woman in New York who was touting the wonders of Hillary Clinton and avowing to vote for her because she had so much experience.  Give me a break!  The only experience that woman has had is in thievery and lying.  As I recall during her tenure in the White House,  Hillary recommended her former law partner Web Hubbell, Vince Foster, and William Kennedy for lucrative government positions — Hubbell with the Justice Department, Vince Foster on the White House staff, and William Kennedy in the Treasury Department.  Hubbell went to jail, Foster committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.  Anyone remember the White House Travel Office fiasco that our Hitlery was behind?  Lots of folk got hurt there.  And don’t forget how much furniture and artwork she stole on her way out of the White House that she was forced to return.  What has she done in her current political office?  Absolutely nothing.  She’s a junior Senator in a state she’s not even from for goodness sakes and in all her time in office she hasn’t been responsible for one piece of major legislation.  And people want her to be our President???  Not while I still have a vote.


2 thoughts on “McCain Tryst?

  1. Hello. Just wandering around the blogosphere and stumbled across your site. My honest thoughts concerning the presidential race are “why would anyone want the position with the complexity of issues facing us in the economic, geo-political, and prophetic arena?” Perhaps the sheer love of power is more than enough to disregard the fragile state of things. Or each of these candidates truly believe that they can straighten everything out. Time will tell.

    I enjoyed reading your insights. Thanks.

  2. Hi – glad you stopped by. While a good deal of what I say is tongue in cheek, I do tend to agree with you as to why anyone in their right mind would want to take this on. Power is intoxicating as we’ve seen before – but even if I’m a bit naive here, I’d love to see someone do this job because they love our country. Please visit again soon! Linda

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