Run, Run, It’s Crafts Day!

Today is snowy and very cold, so I have decreed it Crafts Day at my house.  Crafts Day conjures up images of idle hours spent painting or sewing or indulging in any number of leisure activities designed to make me feel accomplished in some type of creative arts.  Couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Crafts Day means dragging out any number of unfinished, dried out, fraying, faded, craft projects that have been stowed safely from prying eyes in numerous closets and cupboards.  My crafts consist of various pieces of wood partially painted, stained, decoupaged, beaded or decorated with any other type of substance I can glue.  I have boxes and boxes of unfinished Easter eggs, little knick-knacks and thousands of tongue depressor sticks for an old Easter basket project which used cardboard shoe boxes. 

Then there are the hundreds of unfinished sewing-type crafts.  I like to cross stitch.  Okay, I used to like to cross stitch.  Today cross stitching is more involved than once as I must constantly whip off my glasses to be able to see the material and find the thread and heaven forbid I have to actually get that thread through a needle.  Glasses on, glasses off,  I’m convinced that exercise alone must be responsible for the raging case of bursitis in my shoulder.  And, not a single project finished.  Back they go to their sewing cupboards to be taken out and longingly looked at another day. 

No, today it’s painting for me!  My dining room table is littered with little bottles of acrylic paint in every color known to man.  I have foam brushes, camel’s hair brushes (I hate being the cause of all those bald camels), angled brushes, liner brushes, fan brushes, new brushes,and brushes that have seen better days.  Wooden eggs in various sizes and various stages of decoration sit in recycled plastic egg cartons eagerly awaiting their next coat of paint.  I’ve managed to get paint on the dining room table, the seat of the chair, the carpet, my newly manicured paid-for nails, the dog’s face, the kitchen floor, the kitchen sink, my hair (don’t ask), and some paint actually landed on 3 of the wooden eggs. 

Year after year, I perform this dance of crafts, get paint all over everything except the item I’m trying to create, get frustrated and stuff everything back in the craft closet from hell.  But time is a funny thing – time allows your memory to forget your prior craft mishaps.  So I fully expect this time next year to suddenly realize that it’s Crafts Day and I have Easter eggs to decorate and, well, here we go again.

Maybe I should take up knitting…how much trouble could I possibly get into w/knitting needles and some yarn anyway?


4 thoughts on “Run, Run, It’s Crafts Day!

  1. I tried the knitting thing. Doesn’t work. For me, anyway. I don’t think I’m quite coordinated enough for it. I would suggest trying crocheting. There’s only one hook (instead of two intimidating, slippery needles) to cope with.

  2. funny you should suggest crochet – I actually took a beginning crochet class recently and while I agree the one hook vs two needles is easier I had a devil of a time getting that hook through the loops. I believe it may be time for me to realize I’m just a clutz when it comes to crafting. Thanks for your comment and have a super day! Linda

  3. Hello there!
    That we have both chosen the same template for our blog, perhaps, means we share the same mind space :)))

  4. Hi – I think it shows we both have excellent taste! Thanks for stopping by and commenting – have a super day! Linda

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