Weight Loss Lament

An article I read recently claims you can visualize away a bad mood or depression.  The author states the power is in the mind.  Okay – that made sense to me. But let’s go a step further.  If you can visualize away depression why not visualize away unwanted fat?  I figure if the unwanted fat is making me depressed, I can kill two birds with one stone here. So off I embarked on an experimental foray into my uncharted mind.  (It was a somewhat short journey.)  I spent several days in January visualizing my heart out.  I saw in my mind a slim me just brimming with health and happiness (standing next to a new car).  Then I’d open my eyes and run to the mirror only to find the same pudgy goofball middle-aged woman looking back at me — no change in slimmness.  Back to my “chair of vizualization” for another session.  Long moments later, another sprint to the full length mirror only to be dismayed at my lack of success with this visualization stuff.  I gave up after a few days.  I noticed I had dropped a few pounds.  Could visualization be working?  Or was it just the extra exercise I was getting by running up and down the stairs to get to the mirror?  I think more testing is needed here.

This morning on one of my many trips to the bookstore I came across an interesting book — The Writing Diet – Write Yourself Right-Size by Julia Cameron.  This author claims you can lose weight by counting words instead of counting calories.  She advocates journaling as a means to examine why we overeat.  Ms. Cameron claims there is a relationship between creativity and eating and that creativity can block overeating.  Needless to say, I bought the book.  Hey, I like to eat and I like to write and I consider myself a fairly creative lass, so why not delve into this.  So far, I’ve read the Prologue and I’m pumped up to begin reading Part One as soon as I wipe the chocolate off the pages.


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