What’s So Super About Super Tuesday Anyway?

Super Tuesday is all over the tv this morning.  One of the networks is advertising that they will be on air all night to report the results.  News flash – I’m not staying up to watch.  I’ve absorbed all the politics I can hold right now.  Like a bad casserole in the microwave, I’m about 20 seconds from exploding.  None of the candidates strike my fancy for all sorts of reasons.  Day after day of this is making me cranky and hateful.  Frankly, I don’t want any of these choices as my President.  Republican or Democrat – I don’t like any of them.   I am so anti Hillary, I am ready to leave the country should U.S. citizens be stupid enough to allow her and her cheating, lying husband back into the White House.   Hopefully, we won’t have to face that choice.  I keep telling myself there is hope she won’t get the nomination. The other Democrat, Obama, is such an innocent baby swimming with sharks.  He lost my attention when the divine Ms Oprah stepped up to endorse him.  Anyone who knows me knows I detest Oprah and anything or anyone she supports or endorses.   My Republicans aren’t any better — one is so old I worry he’d forget where the Oval Office is; the other front runner is a practicing Mormon and Mormon beliefs simply scare me.  Poor Rudy G had to drop out – he was fun to watch for awhile.  Fred Thompson’s heart just wasn’t in it – he didn’t care enough to make me care about him.  I rather like Huckabee but I believe he has fallen too far behind.  Why is it so difficult to find a candidate who is honest, intelligent, cares about true American values, puts service to others before self, believes in God, and wants to restore this country to its rightful place as a world power to be looked-up to and respected? 


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