Is There Life After the Super Bowl?

Today is such a good day.  It’s the first day of celebrating the dethroning of the New England Patriots.  I’m so happy the New York Giants won and the team who got to the top with the help of cheating is now relegated to the back where they belong.  Underdogs do win.  And, okay, let me go ahead and say it, Eli Manning is such a cutey-pie.  He’s almost as cute as his brother.  He’s certainly proven his worth as a quarterback. 

Am I the only one who thought the commercials were either very funny or very bad?  My favorite was the Bud commercial with the horse and his dog trainer.  What a hoot.  I also enjoyed immensely the Diet Pepsi commercial with the take-off on the SNL skit of Chris Kattan – loved him at the end.  FedEx got some props from me, too.  Huge carrier pigeons – who would have thought?  Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the ad agencies when they come up with this stuff?

Tomorrow football withdrawal will attack me and I will start counting down the days until the Redskins have their opening game.  I’m such a football slut.   


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