That’s Not Chapstick!!

So today I’m on my way to visit the dentist.  You know how they stretch your lips in all directions and you come out with a cracked lip?  Well, on my way out the door I quickly grabbed my tube of cherry Chapstick and tossed it in my purse.  At a red light, I reached into my purse, pulled out the Chapstick, opened it and got it right up to my mouth when I happened to notice that it didn’t say Chapstick on the label.  It wasn’t a Chapstick, it was a Glue Stick!!!  A cherry-red Glue Stick.  Why would the manufacturer of Glue Stick have similar packaging as a cherry lip balm?  That’s just cruel. 

I did a little home repair this morning prior to heading out to the dentist.  The arms on my husband’s favorite chair were loose — I used a Glue Stick.  He said he’s never noticed how smooth and soft that wood feels before.  Hmmmm… 


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