Goodbye Daisy, You will be Missed

I just heard that a friend’s dog died from an apparent heart attack.  Daisy was a 7-yr old Golden Retriever and she was a special puppy.  Daisy had a great trick she would do — she would pick up the leash of another dog and take them for a walk.  My dog, Emma Lou had a couple of play dates with Daisy and when we came home, Emma Lou was a happy girl.  We last saw Daisy this summer and she had been shaved due to a skin problem.  She seemed embarrassed, but she and Emma Lou and Daisy’s doggie sister, Lily, still had lots of fun romping in the back yard. 

Today Emma Lou was a bad girl — she chewed up my new slippers.  And I chewed her out something fierce.  Now, I feel bad – it was only slippers.   She’s going to get extra treats this evening, just because. 

So, farewell Daisy – it was nice to know you.  I’m fairly sure God has given you a new stronger heart up in Heaven and someday Emma Lou will romp with you again.  Till then, know that you were a well-loved pet here on Earth and will be missed.


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